Material Sacrifice

Are you overwhelmed by the amount of material choices for your home? As a contractor, I understand the challenge it is to avoid being lost or sold on the next "latest and greatest" product.  Is the product really worth it, though?

The materials you or your contractor use are essential to the longevity and comfort of your remodeled space. In short, quality does matter. In the last decade a variety of new brands and products have emerged. From tank-less water heaters to laminate floors, and many others in between, the options are nearly limitless.  

Where do you turn in these overwhelming decisions?  What do you do if your budget can only afford the "lower-end" product? Here are a few of my suggestions...

First of all, do your homework.  Ask reputable contractors what their experiences have been with various brands and products.  If you are concerned, and the budget is tight,  ask your contractor about what areas of the project you can afford to lower the grade of material.  

Secondly, do not let that salesmen tell you where to spend your money! They are likely commissioned and carry a bias toward higher-end products. Read reviews before you hit the stores, but try not to get lost in them. 

As a contractor- blogger, my goal is to help you on your journey through the mess of information.  Twice a month I will be reviewing a popular construction material, giving you, as the consumer, a non-biased perspective filled with the pros and cons.  

So stay tuned and always remember that it is your home! You have to live in it every day! My desire is help you create a place of comfort. 


Matthew Jennings