Baby Prep

When my lovely wife of only six months told me we were expecting, I was caught off guard to put it mildly.  With that being said, the amount of change that would follow was equally as shocking.  From baby room designs to birth preparation... it all came rushing in faster than I could keep up with. However,  I can truly say that I have loved every second of the process-- even the part where the little boy inside me has been forced to grow up!

This incredible journey has inspired me to share a few thoughts with you all... Here is my go at what to expect for those pre-baby dads to be (because lets be honest, I have no idea what to expect when our little bundle of joy arrives, along with poopy diapers).

For starters, DO NOT procrastinate on the baby room. Let me repeat, DO NOT procrastinate on the baby room.  Man up and get-er done sooner rather than later.  Also, if you are having a girl, fully embracing your feminine side is a must. Purples, pinks, and all the girly in-betweens are a necessary part of the process.  For those of you having a boy, my advice is simple and straight forward: own the man card you already have. 

Secondly, new emotions will arrive and feel like a roller coaster at times. Try to enjoy the ride because new isn't always bad. Embrace your new emotions, along with your wife's. You will learn to love your wife in ways that you hadn't previously thought possible.

Thirdly, you will most definitely need to learn to sleep on 20% of the bed. Your wife needs the space... she's growing another human.  Oh, and do yourself a favor: buy her a Snoogle. It will contain her comfortably and you may just get 5% of the bed back!

Finally, embrace the sporadic stress regarding how you are actually going to raise your little one... or how you are going to budget for the 9,000 diapers you'll need.  Fight the pessimism, trust the Lord, and strive to see the many blessings in it all. 

Well FIRMUS followers... until June 30th or whenever Lydia decides to enter this world. It is well worth the wait, or in my wife's words... "worth the weight!"


Matthew Jennings